Weibull Distribution Short

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You remember Waloddi Weibull and his famous distribution theory, right? The one about continuous probability distribution? That’s the one! For those who live under a rock, we won’t go into advanced statistics but the Weibull distribution theory is like a chameleon in its ability to take on the characteristics of so many data sets. So Purnell named a pair of shorts after it (#NerdAlert). True to our Purnell ways, the Weibull Distribution Shorts have the chameleon ability to suit many different situations. The midweight canvas fabric makes them feel indestructible, but we added stretch and a gusseted crotch to allow you to move like you move, meganerd and all.

Some key features of this style:

  • ž 8 oz. midweight  stretch canvas
  • ž Enzyme-washed, silicone softened
  • ž Reinforced large back pockets & side pocket for cell phone
  •  Triple-needle top stitching
  •  Gusseted crotch for ease of movement
  • ž 12.5” inseam
  • ž Made of 98% cotton / 2% elastane
    We bet ole Waloddi Weibull would’ve worn a pair while
    he calculated the rank regression in a two parameter distribution resulting in the linear equation where y = a + bx. Obviously.

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